Thanks for your interest in our business. Below are our refund policies within the United States:

a) Consumable Goods: Refunds will be given if it is an acknowledge error from the vendor (ig: product(s) not being available, or wrong product(s) was given. Funds will be debited on your card within 10 business days. Credit card purchase: within 5 to 7 business days.

b) Non-Consumable Goods/Services: Refunds will be given if it’s an acknowledged error from the vender. Buyer(s) will be responsible to send product(s) back to an Afrofina location (filter center). Upon retrieving of the product(s), funds will be return to the buyer within 7-10 days. If you are unable to locate our filtration center, please contact us via phone 1-646-504-6154.

c) If the purchase(s) were made more than 14 days from delivery date, Afrofina wouldn’t be able to refund your funds unless is it’s a default of the vendor. We encourage buyer to purchase insurance on their products during purchase.